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eDiscovery & Litigation Support Solutions

  • PAR litigation practice support consultants deliver what you need to lower costs, improve completion times, and ensure quality in eDiscovery and paper discovery:

    • Experience
    • Dependably
    • Ingenuity
    • Strategy
    • Execution
  • Each PAR consultant draws on decades of experience in large law firms to provide successful case management and implementation:

    • Needs assessments
    • Fine-tuned consulting
    • “Just right” support
    • Legal project management methodologies
  • PAR’s long-standing relationships with major litigation support service providers and software companies assure informed decisions and rates consistently below industry averages:

    • Vendor and software agnostic reviews
    • Detailed analysis of legal technology platforms
    • Insight into vendor strengths and weaknesses
    • Pass-through discounted rates
  • PAR professionals manage all technical aspects of your trial, so your case teams can focus on the legal aspects of the matter:

    • Trial logistics
    • Online support
    • Coordination with the courts
    • Remote War Room management
  • PAR experts excel in all aspects of the eDiscovery process. They develop tailored workflows and solutions for your unique situation regardless of case size or complexity:

    • Thorough Data Identification, Preservation, and Collections
    • Intelligent Processing, Review, and Analysis
    • Accurate Productions
    • Compelling Presentations

Custom Practice Support Solutions

  • PAR’s team of knowledgeable problem-solvers develop long-term relationships and deliver tomorrow’s solutions today:

    • Innovative litigation lifecycle workflows
    • Efficient collaboration
    • Proven training solutions for legal technologies across the industry
    • In-depth data analysis
  • PAR provides staffing for law firms and corporate legal departments to support your team’s unique requirements:

    • Define needs for entry-level to senior support positions
    • Identify highly qualified candidates
    • Provide PAR employees under short-term or long-term contracts
    • Place candidates for full-time employment
  • PAR provides hands-on training in products across the litigation lifecycle, at The PAR Center, virtually, or at your location, to augment the skillset of your support staff:

    • MS Office programs
    • Drafting and filing court documents
    • Case management
    • Trial support
  • Whether you are transitioning to an existing firm or starting anew, PAR facilitates the logistics to ensure the proper transfer of all electronic client data:

    • Coordinate the export of work product and client documents from DMSs such as iManage/FileSite, DOCS Open, SharePoint, et al.
    • Direct the migration of discovery data held in repositories such as LiveNote, Relativity, Concordance, etc.
    • Oversee the import of data into new systems.
  • PAR’s consulting team develops custom programming to help clients minimize the number of clicks, reduce eDiscovery costs, mitigate data risks, and improve litigation outcomes:

    • Data parsing
    • Custom reports
    • Macros for Word or Excel
    • Scripts for various eDiscovery tools
    • Custom user-oriented GUIs
    • Solutions for unique data related problems
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